Talking can help

Changes happen in everyone's lives at some point, but some of us are better at coping with the difficult circumstances which arise from time-to-time like a separation/divorce, a break-up, the loss of a loved one, or perhpas a job. Many things can affect us and we are here to help you through this period in your life.

Professional support

We all need support and often this comes in the form of family or friends, however, sometimes, it may not be appropriate to discuss our present difficulties with our nearest and dearest, and the help of a professional listener is needed. Our service focusses on you, no matter what your circumstances.

Lower Cost Option

Sometimes life circumstances can leave us with little money to spend on our own own wellbeing including counselling. So, we can provide a lower-cost counselling service based on your present circumstances e.g. if you are unemployed, a student or in part-time employment. We would be happy to discuss this option.


We operate on the basis of total discretion and believe that both your life circumstances and your story deserve the greatest respect. Therefore, we operate to strict confidentiality principles and conform to the code of ethics for the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

The First Session

The first session is an important beginning on your journey in self-discovery, personal growth and change. We thought it would be useful to share some of our thoughts/insights on what to expect as this can often be an anxious first step for many of our clients.


Before your first meeting with a counsellor you may feel anxious and uncertain, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal, and in fact, the counsellor themselves may be a little nervous too! Perhaps, you have many questions or are uncertain as to why you need to see a counsellor at all? Perhaps you may feel compelled or are attending because someone has prompted you to go. Perhaps you feel that your situation is hopeless or impossible, or if you doubt anyone in the world could be of help, don’t worry, these are completely normal feelings at this stage.

Feel free to ask any questions you wish. It is important to me that you know where you are at, what to expect and that quite importantly - that you feel you can work with me, us together during our time together.


The main activity in counselling involves you speaking about wherever you are in your life, your thoughts, feelings and how you behave in the world. We explore your situation in a supportive, actively engaged way through active listening and providing a sustained warmth, care and empathy.


In the first meeting, you may just want to fill our time with the presenting problem, but at a reasonably early stage, we will need to mention practical considerations such as;

  • session time
  • length
  • location
  • cost
  • frequency and
  • duration.


This will help both of us understand our commitments and expectations of each other.

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