What is counselling?

This is a very common question as there are many myths and perceptions about what counselling is and what it is not! The aim of this page is to give you a sense of what Person Centred Counselling is about.



We at Introspect Counselling work on the basis of a set of principles laid down by Carl Rogers, the father of the Person-Centred counselling model. We believe that through empathic understanding, being genuine/up-front, and showing genuine unconditional positive regard, together we can facilitate your growth and enable your natural resources and capabilities including;


Compassion is like a soothing ointment applied directly to where you are emotionally hurting. You develop the ability to listen to your caring, healing voice which is always ready to cheer & encourage you. IT IS THERE; it's just been stifled for so long you really have to listen for it.


Some people demand it, some people earn it, but irrespective of how we come about it, respect is important for our emotional wellbeing. We begin with the practice of enhancing our own self-respect. Can you remember a time when somebody showed you respect when you were feeling down on yourself? If so, recall  the feeling that radiated through you when you acknowledged the truth of their comments. Self-respect includes respect of our bodies, minds and our  wellbeing.


Have you ever felt so bad that you just wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world? You probably longed for someone to nurture you and give you courage to go on. We can be that kind of loving parent to ourselves by letting ourselves know that no matter what, we will still be in our own corner fighting for ourselves irrespective of our situation.


No human is perfect, and that includes me and you. No matter what parts of yourself you may like to change, it is important to value yourself for who you are now, as an ever moving, changing, evolving person with very worthy attributes and abilities.


Airlines purposefully include a safety demonstration before every flight. In that demonstration, at the part where the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling, we are advised to 'attend to our own masks first before attending to others'. Its the same in life, we must learn to attend to our ourselves before we can be fully available (and useful) to others. Self-care is how we achieve this but often we're not to good at this practice.


We all need encouragement to set goals and to believe that we can attain them. Often some people are very good at encouraging others who are struggling. Take those same skills inside yourself, while acknowledging the realistic barriers most people face, and the value of valiant effort.

What counselling is not

Counselling does not offer advice, seek to direct you on any specific course of action or claim expertise in your life. Instead, counselling is a collaborative relationship in which together we explore the roots of your present difficulties, identify your objectives for your counselling and work toward increasing your life satisfaction for the long term (not just a quick fix!).


How to get in touch

If you wish to make contact to discuss an appointment, please email, call or use the contact form using the links at the top of this page. If you have any questions not covered here, we would be delighted to answer these once you've made contact. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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